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“Fabulous Fables and Other Tales to Tell” started out as ghetto blaster recordings Cory had written in a seedy rooming house where he and Wayne Bond survived. Barely.

Leftovers from 4-track garage recordings Cory had kept in his back pocket also found their way into the story.

The idea was to make an album in the manner of classic recordings. Compositions that weaved together in a strange way, no matter how different they were sonically. Cory had the songs and Wayne had the drums…and recording gear.
Recorded, mixed and mastered in Wayne’s basement the end result is something that took on a life of it’s own. Broken relationships, broken limbs, broken computers, broken bottles, lost tracks and lost minds made the project grind to a halt numerous times.
In the end, it was a story to tell. Appropriately disguised as a little red book to be passed on down. Individually, the tracks stand up with their own unique presence. Combined, beginning to end, it’s a recording that grows with each listen.